Pump Mesa Ranch
Aztec, New Mexico

Asking Price:  $1,698,900.00
36,363 total acres more or less

This northern New Mexico ranch consists of the following allotments:
Public Lands - 31,527 acres w/1807 AUM's allowed
Federal Lands - 1,532 acres /88 AUM'S allowed.
Private controlled lands - 420 acres/21 AUM'S allowed  (Deeded land - 3 parcels)
State controlled lands - 2,883 acres/ 144 AUM'S allowed
Total of Allotments -  36,362 acres with 300 cattle AU 's for 7 months allowed.  One can graze 300 mother cows from November thru May of each year!  This translates into being able to run 300 head of cattle from November 15th through June 10th each year.  More Lease information will be released to qualfied buyers.

Grazing consists mainly of grammas, side oats, cotton top, mountain mahagony, some sacatone and other protein rich legumes. The ranch is watered with scattered dirt tanks, 1 solar well, 1 submersible well near the HQ log cabin and another well on the north side.  Leasee's have been hauling water to certain pastures when springs are not available.  Terrain is varied from grassy mesa tops and meadows to rocky arroyos and canyon bottoms where you will find spring water and runoff traps.  There are a couple sets of  working pens.  This ranch covers a lot of  area.  It has the San Juan River and Navaho Lake as its east boundary, the Colorado State Line as its north boundary and is located north & east far from Aztec, NM.

Contact Ken Ahler at 505-989-7573 or 505-490-0220 for maps, plats and more information.