Cattle Road Ranch
Willard, New Mexico near Progresso

Location:  13 miles south of Willard, New Mexico and a little ways south of Hwy 42, your gonna find the old Tow-Budgher rancho tucked away under el Mesa de los Jumanos.  

Acreage:  1,180 deeded acres give or take...

Improvements:  Perimeter fenced w/barbed wire, metal gates, one water well & a pipeline w/metal drinkers

Elevation:  Most of the ranch runs near 6300'

Grasses & Browse:  The most abundant grasses are grammas w/some 4 wing salt bush and sacatone

Terrain:  Most of the ranch is short grass plains w/west half running up the side of the Mesa de los Jumanos where there is cedar & pinon tree cover.

Precipitation:  10" to 14" per year

Climate:  Summers are cool enough to be more comfortable than lower elevations in New Mexico.  Rainy season is usually from mid June to mid October w/periods of incredibly nice weather in between.

Water:  Domestic and livestock water is provided by one water well in section 30. Water is piped from this well to the HQ home (shared) and to the pastures across Cattle Road.

Carrying Capacity:  Historically 28 animal units year round.

History:  There are several small ranches of this size in the area.  Most are small mother cow operations, some larger.  Turf is good solid gramma grasses and other native browse.  Some cedar and pinon and antler cholla cover.

Price & Terms:  Priced at $660,000.00 looking for Cash or New Finance.  Short term owner carry may be considered w/large down.  Call Ken Ahler at 505-490-0220 to set up a tour & more info.  Ag New Mexico & Farm Credit are two good finance sources.  

Cattle Road Working pen gate

 Working pen
Cattle Road looking north Cattle Road as it turns east towards Progresso south gate

Gramma grass pasture
  Fence corner Mesa de los Jumanos in background Water pipeline

Water well pipeline source Pipeline water well Windmills on Mesa de los Jumanos